Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beetle News

I see New Beetle Design Has Been Revealed!  That's how they talk in the car biz.  It's less round.  So it looks more like a sports car and less like a bug.  I loved the original New Beetles that came out in 1998, such cheerful and happy little bubbles tootling around town. Beetles built from March 1953 to July 1957 had a small oval window in back. I had no idea!  Apparently they are quite collectible. And small enough to stack in your garage.  The cars didn't do too well at first in America.  In 1949 a total of... two Beetles were sold!  Whoohoo!  By 1960 the beentsy cars had caught on and 191,372 were sold.  Ah, you had me at "Fau Vee".

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