Monday, March 8, 2010

Why me?

Dressing up pets. Apparently a long tradition as the picture to the right is from Victorian clip art.  It is a painting so maybe they didn't actually do this to the dog, but they thought about it!  Now it's not uncommon to see some pooch all dolled up. One Halloween I saw two dignified Westies strolling by wearing glowing bobble headbands.  My only thought when seeing a photo of Spot in a tutu?  That is one patient dog.  If you're going to make them wear something you might as well make it yourself.  I love the one with matching togs for dog and man.  It's only fair.
Doggie knits : sweaters & accessories for your best friend
Men who knit & the dogs who love them : 30 great-looking designs for man & his best friend

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