Friday, March 26, 2010

My Top Picks for 2009 - TV

Fringe: Weird but not completely inscrutable. And riiiight up until the latest episode when Olivia broke down into "I'm frightened Auntie Em mode", one of the best female leads on TV.  Best mad scientist ever.
House: Relationships are all well and good, but medical mysteries are the real draw for me! I just don't want them to get too repetitive. I think we've had an-exotic-bug-passed-on-by-an-act-of-infidelity twice so far.
Medium: Love the family - I think it's the most realistic one on television. How odd is that?  Plus they get a billion bonus points for starring an actress who has gained weight and it's a complete non-issue.
Supernatural:  OK, Sam mopes too much but Dean is willing to make a complete fool of himself (pudding!) and I love monsters.
Aren't you relieved now?  All this time you've been wondering what I thought.  Happy watching!

Fringe. The complete first season
House M.D. Season one
Medium. The complete first season
Supernatural. The complete first season


Curt Brown said...

I really like Fringe and House. The latter two, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Great choices, can't wait for 2010