Monday, March 1, 2010

Old Jokes Week

There's no stopping the cold, but we can still laugh, can't we?  A-heh.
The multi-talented Bennett Cerf was not only a mainstay of the TV game show What's My Line. Among his other accomplishments, he published several joke books.  Here's what passes for funny in Bennett Cerf's the sound of laughter:  Lucille Ball, watching Dean Martin do a full hour's show on TV without a single rehearsal marveled, "That so-and-so makes cooked spaghetti look tense!"  OK, that was a little funny. Is this one a knee-slapper?  Sign at railroad station at Sandusky: "The average time it takes a train to cross this intersection is twenty seconds -- whether your car is on it or not."  Ha!  Ha! That Bennett knew how to pick 'em.   This would be a lovely book for a day when you're looking for gentle relaxation.  Ahhh.

Quotes are from p.282 and p.376

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