Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So will today's 3-D movies be a short-term phenomenon like they were in the 50's?  How could those mid-century marvels have faded away when such cheesy productions as Bwana Devil, Cat Women of the Moon,  Robot Monster and  Gog dominated the field?  The Gog! Plus there were classy 3-D's as well.  Hondo which was a John Wayne Western! Dial M For Murder! Kiss Me Kate! I had no idea! There were tons of theaters where you could watch them - at one time over 5,000 American cinemas showed 3-D movies. 3-D films went away after the 1950's, with the exception of a few doozies like Jaws 3-D.  But they never pulled in the kind of money 3-D movies do today.  Prepare yourself for a Jane Austen 3-D renaissance.  Yikes.  P.S. The library owns only 2-D format.  So far....

Graphic source:  ERBzine

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Anonymous said...

I may be 25 now, but I remember when the 3-D version of "Hondo" was shown on network TV back in the early 90's, and in order to enjoy the special effects, viewers had to get their special 3-D glasses from different participating stores. It was a really big deal! I've seen quite a few 3-D movies since "Hondo", but I'll always remember sitting in the dark living room with my brother and dad, watching John Wayne fight off the Apaches through special 3-D lenses, and being amazed by the Indian arrows that flew out of the screen during the big fight scenes. Thanks for triggering a good memory!