Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ah, the fine art of taxidermy.  I know you don't hear about it as much as you used to. We can fix that with this. "Martha Dartt Maxwell (born 1831, died 1881) was one of the first American women field naturalists and among the first American women to collect and display her own animal specimens."  Let me translate that for you.  Maxwell, a lifelong vegetarian, shot the animals and mounted her own catches.  Just incidentally, she was 5 feet tall. "Maxwell is credited as the first taxidermist to pose specimens in a natural position, thus ensuring that natural history displays in museums had authenticity."  So this wee deadly vegetarian changed the course of taxidermical history.  Now that I have your attention, feast your eyes on our taxidermy books.  If for no other reason than to answer the eternal question, 'huh?'.
Still life : adventures in taxidermy
Other Delightful Taxidermy Books
Source:  Biography Resource Center
Suggested by Marci Behm

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