Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old Puns?

Helen Hoke knows a pun when she sees one.  Or does she?  From her book Puns, puns, puns copyright 1958: 
1.  Dopey Dan is so dumb he thinks rhubarb is a French street.   
2.  When Papa Dionne found that he had quintuplets, he could hardly believe his own census.  (Are these really puns?)   
3.  Editor, picking the phone:  "City desk speaking."
    Astonished Caller:  "Yeah?  What drawer?" 
Ba dum pum. That's more like it.  Now if she'd just left out the word 'astonished...  A fun history lesson reading what passed for puns in the 50's. And hey!  It's Read Across America Day - hug a book.  Then crack it open and dive in. For more information, go here:  NEA's Read Across America.

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Janet said...

Glad to see you having so much fun with your blog, MJ. You deserve lots of loyal followers.