Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it Here Yet? Baseball Season

Yep, soon the fierce strains of "Take me out to the ball game" will be electrifying the masses.  You'll be seeing the odd baseball posting on this very blog. Today's amazement: it's Cy Young's birthday!   On This Day in 1867 Denton True "Cy" Young popped into the world.  Can't imagine why he didn't keep 'Denton' as his nom de life.   Oh, wait - he acquired the nickname 'Cyclone' in 1890 when he joined a minor league team in Canton Ohio. As of 2005 "Young left behind an unmatched record of 509 wins and 316 losses as a major league pitcher."  Now all strong-armed men hope to earn the Cy Young Award which has been presented from 1956 to the present.  That Cy nickname sure stuck.

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition via EBSCOHost

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Anonymous said...

Great graphic, thanks for reminding us that baseball is just around the corner