Thursday, March 5, 2009

Women with Hammers

You are aware that this is Women in Construction Week? I thought so. Women have a long history of wielding construction tools, especially when they entered the workforce to keep the factories going during World War II. But even if you aren't interested in making a career out of this, it can be mighty handy to know how to fix your own home. Saturday March 7th, the Handy Woman Seminar will provide instruction on a few home improvement and maintenance techniques. Wander on into the Grand Meeting Wing at the Central Library from noon to 4.

Chix can fix : 100 home-improvement projects
Room for improvement : change your home! enhance your life! with tools, tips, and inspiration from Barbara K!
Dare to repair : a do-it-herself guide to fixing (almost) anything in the home
Photograph courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration

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