Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AWARE of Art

Have you seen the metal sculptures at the Central library? They are the work of artists David Williamson. My favorite is the one that looks like a birdcage and you can stand inside it. And do you know where Mr. Williamson gets the material for his art? (I know, questions, questions!) Why, his sculptures are made of junk that gets dragged out of our rivers during the Project AWARE clean-up days. Sure, they pull out your usual tires and UFO's, but lots of metal comes out and that's where crud ends and art begins. Right at the tip of Williamson's torch. Hear him speak at noon tomorrow, March 5, at the Central Library. Click here for more information. The photo at left was taken on the first morning of the first ever Project AWARE clean-up! Historic!

Graphic courtesy Gerry Rowland

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