Monday, March 9, 2009

International Women's Day

It even includes women who've never left the country! What did you do yesterday to celebrate? Guess what Russian women were doing on the first ever IWD? It was 1913 and they were working for peace right before World War I. Working - it's what women do. Inside or outside the home. And the women who do both are like superheros, I am in awe of them. As kids when we were asked who our heros were I wanted to choose a female. And in the early sixties we weren't taught much about women's accomplishments, so I'd say my sisters were my heros. Turned out I was right. So while you were honoring Harriet Tubman and Marie Curie - who certainly deserve it - maybe some of you appreciated the everyday women who keep their world going. And what the heck, even those of us who can barely get out of the bed in the morning. We could use the encouragement.

A Fine Selection of Books about Women

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