Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our 2 cents on the frugal front

Number one, of course - get a library card! The card is free! CD's magazines, audio books, print books, free free free! Now back to our program. Any women's magazine from the last 50 years will include tips on money-saving, although you might not be interested in making your own mop heads. Some of our books on the frugality are from the 90's but let's face it. Saving soap scraps in an old pantyhose leg hasn't changed much. For those of you solvent enough to own a computer stop surfing the internet looking for things to buy! If you actually need something and want to get it on eBay DON'T LOOK AT ANYTHING ELSE!!!!! Set up a timer, have a significant other come drag you off the computer, wait until you're done shopping before you feed the cat. The cat will come get you. Or stop in at a library and use our free internet, then your time is automatically limited. Here's hoping things get better soon!
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