Friday, March 20, 2009

Latin Mottos (the dead language, I mean)

It's Friday, so you need a new generator, right? Pop into the Latin Motto Generator and whip up something profound. Say you're all about knowledge and fame. Your battle cry will sound much better as 'Scientia et Fama'! Or if you live your life based on the principle 'From Steadiness, Beauty', say instead 'Ex Constantia Pulchritudo'! Pulchritudo. It deserves being said more than once. Something a little (a tiny bit) intellectual? 'Memory Chose the Wise Ones' equals 'Memoria Sapientes Elegit'. Unfortunately you can't type in your own words and the ones they offer are pretty limited, but still. A little effort and you sound mighty smart. To someone who doesn't speak Latin anyway.

Want the real thing? Knock yourself out with our Latin Dictionaries

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Anonymous said...

victoria, pertinacia et spes to this fine blog