Monday, March 2, 2009

Black and White Delight

Old horror movies. There's nothing like them for sheer atmosphere and the slow build-up of dread seen in shadows. Not like the movies today with every drop of blood thrown in your face, why in my day, grumble grumble... Anyway! Here are some fabulous black and white movies. Some of the old special effects may induce laughter instead of nightmares, but is that a bad thing?

The Thing from Another World. Genuinely scary, the moment when the scientists move out on the ice to show the sheer size of what they've found is chilling. (Ice? Chilling? I slay me.)
Nosferatu: a symphony of horror. The lighting in this film is so stark, every scene is etched in fear. And you have got to see Max Schreck in this, the make-up is iconic.
Speaking of iconic, Metropolis is one of the most influential movies. The robot that C-3PO resembles, the dehumanized workers, the mad scientist with an artificial hand - all are instantly recognizable.
We have many more black and white shockers, check out the list to your right for the titles of a few.

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