Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tax Forms at Your Door

In the weeks to come, you may be referred to us for tax forms. We don't have 'em.  Not in any of our six locations. You can come in and use our computers. We'll get you to the site where you can find the forms online and then you can print them off!  At a mere $.10 per page.  BUT, did you know you can Order Tax Forms by Phone and have them mailed to your door! That still works!  Enjoy the comfort of your own home and let the papers come to you. 
To order forms:
From the Feds, dial 1-800-829-3676.
(The recording asks you choose a language, then will talk about downloading from the internet, but press 2 and you start the form-ordering process.)
From the State of Iowa, in the Des Moines area dial 281-3114.  (They'll mention online forms a couple times but press 2 and persevere!)
If you're calling from outside the Des Moines area dial (800) 367.3388.  It works the same as the above.
I personally tested these telephone numbers on January 7 and they worked.  So far so good.  Dial away!

There is more information on our Tax Pages.

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