Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY Hair

Ever cut your own hair?  I cut my own bangs and sideburns because they'll be driving me crazy and I have to get rid of them NOW.  Recently the hair at the nape of my neck was bugging me so I hacked it off.  Now I'm not saying I recommend my methods.  If you're hankering to cut hair we have lots of books on haircutting at home.  Your spouse, child, sibling, passer-by could be the recipient of a brand-new 'do, courtesy of you.  I suggest getting their permission first.  But upon whom could you practice?  Maybe a Halloween wig would work, I think they're pretty cheap.  Hair cutting, cost cutting, all at the tips of your fingers.  Howdy doody.

Haircutting Books  You'll especially enjoy the one about yaks.

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