Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Da One and Only Da Vinci

Now that the Science Center has extended the stay of the "Da Vinci - The Genius" exhibit through March 20th, let's see if we have any books on the guy who defined the term Renaissance Man.  We do!  We have many books!  And here's a tip:  if you do a subject search for him put his first name first.  I know, libraries always use the last name of people when we categorize them, but not in Leonardo's case.  It's all part of the mystique. Or there's a cataloging rule to which I must admit utter ignorance. So I'm certain the first explanation wins.  We offer a lovely selection for both adults and children whether you are interested in his art or his science.  They have titles like Leonardo da Vinci, Leonardo, Leonardo's Machines, Da Vinci for Dummies (it puts the 'duh' in Da Vinci!).  Those books are branded like ... I was going to say some kind of cow but I'm pretty sure branding really hurts.  So I won't.

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Anonymous said...

His name is Leonardo, and he's from Vinci, hence "Leonardo da Vinci." It's a very interesting exhibit-glad to see it's been extended.