Friday, January 7, 2011

She Really Liked Snow

And fairies?  Here are a few lines from poet Sara Teasdale's "Snow Song"

Fairy snow, fairy snow,
Blowing, blowing everywhere,
Would that I
Too, could fly
Lightly, lightly through the air.

Teasdale won the first ever Columbia Poetry Prize (later called the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry), in 1918.  Which means she won a Pulitzer before there were Pulitzers!  And isn't this just the most cheerful thought for winter?  BONUS: Can be sung to the tune of 'Pony Boy'.  If you drop the second lightly.  Which I did.  
For more:
The collected poems of Sara Teasdale.
Source: Contemporary Authors Online, 2001 as reprinted in Biography in Context

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Anonymous said...

Wow, from the Three Stooges to Sara Teasdale in one day-you have a broad range of interests!