Thursday, January 13, 2011


Like anyone who donates to worthy causes, I get buried in calendars.  But do any of them feature a redheaded pinup gal in a jewel-green gown, Barbie doll(tm) heels and full-metal bra, wielding a kind of freeze ray? Accompanied by the text:  "Dead was the machine god..."?  So I am forced to buy calendars, because really.  Let's see, how can I link this to the library?
Some books have been made into calendars!  I am sure you would enjoy reading these books. Apparently the calendar people did.
The Lord of the Rings.  (There were calendars before the movies came out.  I believe I have one from the 1970's.  Neener.)
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Life's little instruction book / by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Under the Tuscan sun : at home in Italy / Frances Mayes.
Pride and prejudice and zombies :

For a look at Science Fiction Pulp illustration, try:  Frank Kelly Freas as he sees it

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