Friday, January 28, 2011

Talk Like an Egyptian

Well not exactly but I couldn't resist the title.  It's Generator Day!  And you lucky things get to see how your name would look spelled out in hieroglyphs.  The author of the generator freely admits to fudging a bit, apparently some letters aren't represented by hieroglyphs.   So I wouldn't take my result to Ancient Civ because we're just having a laugh!  (I know, too much Ricky Gervais.)  The above is what happens when you type in 'Mary'.  We've got owl, vulture, the oval represents a mouth and the 2 green things are reeds.  So I'm thinking Mary means 'birds eat reeds'. Or not. Go get yourself a hieroglyphic handle!  It'll look good on your nameplate.
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet Translator

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