Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Anyone who writes a blog, column, what have you is required by law to produce a blurb about New Year's resolutions. Will I violate this?  Certainly not.  So have you made any resolutions this year?  Me neither.  I don't make them for various reasons, one being that I can't remember them.  But I have great admiration for those of you who do make resolutions. It takes time and thought to choose resolutions then enormous effort to follow up.  Well, maybe I'll ...organize something!  But those 10 pounds?  Unless the fat-repo fairy shows up I'm afraid the 10 is my friend. 
Here are some books for those who wish to just enjoy being themselves.  None of them tell you to stop whining, get off your keister, just do it, etc.  Revolutionary!  As opposed to resolutionary!  Fun-ny.

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