Friday, January 8, 2010

Who will cater to my every whim? Or yours?

Ever wanted your own personal delivery service?  One that would bring you doughnuts or ice cream or chips and dip at the drop of a hat?  Well, that's called a servant and unless you're up to your ears in legal tender you can't afford one.  But we can dream, can't we?  Once my sister sent me chocolate in the mail for my birthday.  I've never forgotten that and in my Pavlovian way I still watch the mailbox with great hope.  So if  there was a delivery van devoted to my needs, it would look much like this one.  You too can have a picture of a delivery service to call your own.  Just go to Moving Truck Generator.  As a bonus, they have a mess of fonts.  Fun to play with.


Anonymous said...
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