Friday, January 22, 2010

Greek Myths and Cheese

Remember Greek Mythology from your grade-school days?  All those wacky gods turning people into insects, trees, and I think a cow was in there somewhere.  Admit it; you're just as fuzzy on the details as I am.  Now with the reboot of Clash of the Titans coming out soon, I'm sure you'll want to update your knowledge.  Sidebars:  A. Don't you think the use of 'reboot' rather than 'remake' is trendy of me?   B. Why on earth would anyone want another version of the stale gorgonzola that was the original?  Yeah, the CGI will probably be fantastic but it won't have the personality of Ray Harryhausen's work.  Back to Greek Mythology 101.  We have many many excellent books for you, even written for adults!  So now you can read all the stuff they left out of the books you read when you were 11.

Greek Mythology
The complete world of Greek mythology
Myths of the ancient Greeks
The library of Greek mythology
Gods and heroes : the story of Greek mythology
Greek mythology for everyone : legends of the gods and heroes

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