Monday, January 4, 2010

Open Library - Public Domain Books

Oooh, Open Library is a treasure trove for collage artists.  Plus people who like to read public domain books for free online. Say you're looking for pictures. This takes some dinking, but stay with me.  Type the word 'illustrations' in the search box. You want to eliminate entries that don't include the whole book, so click in the box next to scanned books only.  Then click on GO - your search may take a quite a while to run.  When the results pop up, don't click on the book's title click on READ ONLINE in blue, to the right of the title. (I wouldn't have used so many italics except that I still click on the title all the time. I don't mean to yell.) Then you get a screen that looks just like a paper book and you can flip through the pages!  So fun! Well worth the dinkage.

The Open Library

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