Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Good Book from the Vampire Lady

I have not read the Twilight Trilogy by Stephenie Meyer. I have no objection to the vampire stuff, I just don't like much romance. But my sister recommended 'The Host' by this author and since she has never steered me wrong I gave it a shot. Discovery: Excellent Science Fiction! The plot is not new - aliens get into your body through the back of your neck and take over the world. Heinlein, Star Trek - you've seen it before.  (When will the government issue those nape-protectors? Too late, no doubt.) Meyer takes a fresh perspective on the plot, one that includes the possibility that humans aren't the best species ever and maybe the aliens aren't evil. This was lots of fun to read.  Who knew? Two thumbs up.  I'm pretty sure they're my thumbs. 

The Host

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