Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Again with the Healthy

Healthy eating, that is.  Or to be more specific, healthy cooking for healthy eating.  I know, you're tired of being told what to eat.  And they keep changing their minds about what is healthy.  Take apples.  According to a 2007 article in Nutrition Health Review apple peels are bustin' with flavonoids and phytochemicals that work against liver and colon cancer.  But now the media is yelling 'drop the apple! it's covered in pesticides'!!  Run!!!  So I got some organic apples. Anyway, we have some brand new healthy cooking books so you can get the latest. They'll have new recipes and suggestions.  Ones you've never seen before. Plus cookbooks are pretty. 

Super immunity foods
Superfoods for dummies
Healthy bread in five minutes a day
Sugar-free gluten-free baking and desserts

Source:  Nutrition Health Review: The Consumer's Medical Journal; 2007, Issue 99, p6-6, 1/2p as accessed through EBSCO Host

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