Thursday, January 21, 2010

Completely Different: TV Theme Songs - You Know You Love Them

Did you know the I Love Lucy theme song has words?   "I love Lucy and she loves me...."  Guess what the next line is - c'mon you can do it!  "We're as happy as two can be..." I wonder if they changed it when they had Little Ricky.
Bonanza's song starts out "We got a right to pick a little fight bonanza!" Okay then.
When I was a girl we used to sing the theme song to Bewitched.  It went: "bewitched bewitched bewitched  bewitched  bewitched... and so on and on.  Surprisingly, these were not the right words. "Bewitched, bewitched you've got me in your spell."  Not as bouncy as our version. For more hi-larious lyrics, you can take a look at  The best TV songs ever!                                   

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