Friday, June 12, 2009

What kind of cheese am I...

According to the Online Cheese Comparator Anthony Newley's cheese rating is: Dolcelatte "Dolcelatte is a very soft blue cheese from Italy, and melts in the mouth like ice cream. The name Dolcelatte means "sweet milk" in Italian, and this cheese has a corresponding sweet taste." You know, this doesn't describe Anthony Newley very well. As I recall he twitched when he sang. Or flopped. Not as vigorously as Joe Cocker, but you get the idea. What does Anthony Newley have to do with this? Boomers who read the title know. Ask one. So you're wondering what the heck a comparator is. According to Merriam, it's "a device for comparing something with a similar thing or with a standard measure". I guess 'comparer' isn't a word. Well ooo-wee. I myself am Oaxaca, "a stringy, semi-soft Mexican cheese, also known as Asadero. It is used in sandwiches, or melted on cooked foods such as pizza or nachos". So not fancy, but utilitarian. Appropriate. What kind of cheese are you? And what would happen if someone moved you? I'm guessing I'd melt, and it wouldn't be pretty.
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Anonymous said...

My cheese rating is: Stilton

The King of cheeses. Stilton is a rich, tangy cheese with blue/grey marbled mould veins running throughout, and a dry, crusty, inedible rind. Daniel Defoe mentioned Stilton as "a town famous for its cheeses" in 1727. It is milder than is continental counterparts, Roquefort and Gorgonzola, and is famed as a dessert cheese, best served with Port.