Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Elizabeth Berg Tonight!

Elizabeth Berg is speaking at the Central Library tonight at 7 PM. She wrote an Oprah book people! Open House was chosen by La Winfrey herself. So you know Berg's got something. For 10 years she was a registered nurse and learned a great deal about people and relationships. Many of her novels center on a major change in a woman's life and her latest, Home Safe, is no exception. Helen Ames: loses her husband; finds out she knew him not at all - he withdrew all their money before he died; and has a problematical relationship with her adult daughter. She has hit the wall, folks and Change is coming to get her. Read the book to find out how she copes with personal upheaval. Stop in tonight to hear the author. Who knows what tidbits you might pick up. Maybe she met Oprah! (OK, Maybe not. But still.)

Elizabeth Berg Books

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