Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Day Before Franklin Starts Move to Merle Hay

Dateline Des Moines, Iowa. Thursday June 18. Tomorrow will be the LAST DAY the Franklin Avenue branch of the Des Moines Public Library will be open UNTIL July 6th. On July 6th Franklin will open in the temporary location at Merle Hay Mall, near Target. The library will operate out of the mall for 18 months to 2 years. Actually, that should be really cool. Then the renovated Library at 5000 Franklin will be even cooler. Remember, you can still check out and return stuff at any of our 5 other buildings using the card you got at Franklin! It's good all over town! In the last few years all the buildings have been remodeled so this would be a great time to look them over and see what other parts of town have to offer. June 19th last day in the un-renovated building. July 6th first day at Merle Hay. It's not such a long time really. We'll all be OK.

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Anonymous said...

North Side Library spent several years at the Park Fair Mall before it moved into its current building.
I know Franklin and the mall will benefit greatly from this opportunity.