Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Mixers

I've have finally noticed the random-dog-combination trend. And when I say trend, I mean a ubiquitous occurrence. As a species dogs have enormous variations - for a mammal anyway. There are simply HUGE dogs and then there are those called 'teacup' for a reason. How on earth does it all work? One of my sisters has a Bichon Frise/Yorkie mix, another a Bichon Frise/Welsh Terrier mix. Those breeds are fairly similar in size, so it's not too freaky. But neither of them have poodle mixes which, according to Newsweek, set the whole thing off. An early combination was between labradors and poodles. Then there are all these other poodle mixes: schnoodle, cockapoo, yorkiepoo, bichonpoo, shih tzu-poo, and even peekapoo. Overly-sentimental pet owners now have an excuse to call their dogs something that ends in poo. (One could argue that is the definition of a dog anyway. Ha!) And why do we want to get poodle DNA in an otherwise perfectly good dog breed? Apparently poodles don't shed. Aha! My sister had labs that shed like they had Jack Bauer's 24 hours to replace their entire coat or terrible consequences would befall the ENTIRE WORLD. Sweet dogs though. Hope the doodling doesn't cancel out any good stuff.

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