Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Movies

I myself have seen several summer blockbusters and I'm convinced you are dying to know what I think. Because there are just not enough unqualified movie reviewers publishing on the web.

Wolverine: Not as fun as I'd hoped. Managed to make Wolverine dull. But Sabretooth and the card guy were pretty lively.

Star Trek: loved it. I was a little surprised by the desert gorge in Iowa, but details, details. Great cast, and it captures the feel of the original show.

Land of the Lost: so bad we didn't see a movie the following weekend. We were that traumatized.

Angels and Demons: interesting puzzle, beautiful places, and man I would love to get into the Vatican Library! Check out the book cover - it has that text that reads the same upside-down.

Night at the Museum: fun overall. Amy Adams bears no resemblance to Amelia Earhart, but her rat-tat-tat delivery was delightful. Someone get this woman a '30's screwball comedy.

Up: Hi-larious! Didn't even bother to see it in 3-D because that might have distracted me from the fun. And pretty poignant for a movie about a man, a house, and a mess of balloons.
If none of these appeal, check out the HUGE selection of DVDs in the Des Moines Public Library system. Fifty cents for a Children's DVD, one thin dollar for all others, and you get to keep them a whole week. Click to go directly to a DVD/Video search.

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