Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Need a parlor game? Anyone have a parlor? I played one this spring called Celebrities. It's fun and che-eap. You will have: 2 teams; several slips of paper; 3 ways to get your team to guess celebrity names; one winner.
Each person on each team writes down the name of one celebrity and puts the name in a hat.
The first round you get your teammates to guess by describing the person without using their name. Get as many as you can in one minute. Now pay attention: each round uses the same original celebrity names. Remember those and the game is much easier. Next round, you have to act out the names by using charades. I was unsuccessful at acting out Jane Fonda although I must say I do a mean folding-chair sit-up. Last round, describe the celebrity in one word. Oh, and I forgot (this is why I don't tell jokes) if you are stymied by a name you can put it back and take a different one. So go, laugh and make fools of yourselves. And if this game does not appeal you can find others in this book.
Games people play : the biggest and best book of party games and activities

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