Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sign up for the Spring Adult Reading Program! You get a free canvas bag! I kid you not. It's nice, too. I just picked one up and it is big (about 15 x 15), sturdy and the handles/straps are long enough to go over your shoulder, which I really like. Because you cannot have enough free hands. Sign up at any of our buildings. Then get book review slips, fill them out with info on the books you're reading anyway and the slips can go into a drawing for a Borders Books gift certificate, one per building. Is that not cool? I mean kids get a stupendous reading program every summer, it's nice to have a little something for the old I mean adult folks. Did I mention the bag? Get signed up before they're gone!

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Quinn said...

For some reason (probably because there's no noticeable 'search this site' link), I can no longer find any information about the Spring Adult Reading Program on the library website. Can you tell me how long the program runs? (I'll check back here for the answer.) Thanks!