Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love of loooove words

So if it ends in phile or philia, somebody loves it. Even if it's not especially lovable. Ammophilia: love of sand. Not that I dislike sand per se, but since it is completely inert and without personality I'm a little surprised that the stuff could be beloved. Cacophonophilia: love of harsh sounds. OK, maybe your sweetie has a perpetual cold. Nanophilia: love of short people. Well this one needs no explanation. Everybody loves the short. Tropophilia: Love of seasonal extremes. Have we got a state for you! Extremes changed daily! Osmophilia: Love of various smells. This one could get pretty dicey. I am so not going on a road trip with an osmophile. At least that doesn't mean love of Donny and Marie. Twice in one week, folks! I wonder how often I can work them in... And for those logophiles among you (lovers of words/language), some potentially fun books:

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Anonymous said...

Another good book for logophiles try L is for Lollygag: quirky words for a clever tongue, 2008.