Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Puppy Looooove

As Marie Osmond would have it, (or was it Donny?) puppy love involves two very young people who can't help themselves and are sorely misunderstood. But sometimes puppy love is just love of a puppy. They're so cute and fat and they look at you with those sweet eyes that just adore you and you just want one bad. If you're gonna get a puppy, get the right one. Do you have kids? Cats? Can you cope with a dog who is very energetic or needs lots of training? Have you got a fenced in yard? And you thought you'd just pick out the cutest one. Ha! In real life it doesn't work that way buster. The good news is we have more dog books than you can shake a schnauzer at. By the way, don't try that. It annoys the schnauzer.
Just the puppy books
A squadrillion books about dogs

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