Friday, February 20, 2009

Park(ed) on Ingersoll

Hey, did you know there used to be an amusement park over by Greenwood Park? Just north of Greenwood you could ride a roller coaster, watch a show, get some taffy - President Theodore Roosevelt even spoke there in 1903! Plus elephants! Hard to imagine. Ingersoll Park was privately owned and only around for a short time. The park opened circa 1900 and closed up shop in 1912. For more information on that part of town, check out the website of the Ingersoll Park Neighborhood Association. To read the message on the lovely postcard shown, visit the Des Moines Public Library Postcard Collection.

Sources: Des Moines Tribune, 11/21/1978 p.1, 3
Des Moines Tribune, 9/25/1975 p.34

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