Monday, January 5, 2009

You knew it was coming...Healthy Cooking Week

There's no avoiding it. We have eaten like maniacs for the last 2 months, bolstering the 'cheese food product' industry for yet another year. Cheese in a can - pure genius. Now even our taste buds are starting to think, "Hmmm, salad, was it nice and fresh with crunchiness?". I think our systems are calling out for fiber in hopes of flushing out the grease. So this week we will suggest easy, fun books to help you cook food that's good for you! And no, that last sentence was not a complete oxymoron.

Cooking healthy with a pressure cooker : a Healthy Exchanges cookbook Men might like this too! There is that slight element of danger with a pressure cooker, not everyone can handle it. Are you thrill seekers hooked yet? I think this is the best I can do in the extreme cooking department. Be careful anyway.

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