Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye Donald Westlake

Last Thursday Donald Westlake died. Do you have any idea how much real estate that man owns in libraries? Westlake wrote 90 books. 90. He had to write some under pseudonyms because the publishers preferred to put out only one title per author per year. Westlake's stories are complex, speedy, twisty-turny thrillers. If you pick up one written under his pseudonym Richard Stark, you've got yourself a book that features Parker, a cold protagonist who doesn't care whom he hurts. Not your light fluffy stuff. If you're looking for the funny, try books featuring John Dortmunder and his partner Andy Kelp. John and Andy are a little on the hapless side. Westlake's newest novel, Get Real, will be published in July 2009. 75 and still writing. Sigh. Up until last Thursday.

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