Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Des Moines Postcards - History Through Mail

Did you see on the home page that old postcards of Des Moines are now viewable online? You are gonna love them! Many are beautiful, but even the plainer postcards provide an amazing glimpse into Des Moines' past. Here's a lovely postcard of the Coliseum, the landmark that burned down in 1949. If you visit the Des Moines Public Library Postcard Collection you can also see the side of the postcard used for writing. And if you have incredible eyesight and a background in graphology you might even be able to read the message! I could make out a few words, mostly 'I' and 'the'. Not getting the gist. But you might.

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Anonymous said...

The postcards displayed on the giant LCDs at the library are fantastic . . . go SEE THEM!