Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Healthy Cooking Week - We are not kidding.

This book does not even pretend to be fun. ChefMD's big book of culinary medicine : a food lover's road map to losing weight, preventing disease, and getting really healthy Culinary medicine. Should this even qualify as a cookbook, you ask? Today it does. Some of the chapter headings show promise! Who doesn't want to be a Kitchen Physician? The Science of Satiety could be interesting. As long as I can eat something tasty in order to reach the desired state of nicely, but not too, full. I really like this lively little chapter title: What Do You Eat for That? Might have made me nervous, except that the author is an actual doctor. Dr. John La Puma was the first physician to teach cooking and nutrition in a U.S. medical school. Plus he is a professionally trained chef. Take that! Literally!

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John La Puma MD said...

Thanks for shout-out!
And I'm glad you count it as a does have 50 new recipes, after all.
It was fun to write the book, and to read your review: I love your passion for great food and great health too.
Keep up the great work.
John La Puma MD
n.b. We'll send your readers--and everyone else--my free, quick, healthy, easy recipes every week at