Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kayaking - Just the Thing for Iowa Winter Sports

Did you know there's more than one kind of kayak? More that one kind of kayaking? You've got your ocean kayak, your two-person kayak, your sit-on-top kayak. Isn't kayak just a fun word? kayak kayak kayak. Kayaking is a good activity for people who'd like to get out on the water but don't want to have to trailer heavy boats. Many kayaks are lightweight enough that one person can easily load them on the top of their car. With the right kind of rack you can even get two kayaks on the top of one car! And now I see they have some kind of sliding-down-the-snowy-hill-in-a-kayak event in the Des Moines Winter Games. Who knew the things were so versatile? You can even do river kayaying in the winter. For more information about kayaks' warm-weather use (sigh. warm.) you could read these books:
Kayaking made easy : a manual for beginners with tips for the experienced
Basic kayaking : all the skills and gear you need to get started
Paddling Iowa : 96 great trips by canoe and kayak

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Anonymous said...

I hear from someone in the know that you have your own sit on top Yakboard, that you enjoy paddling on Grays Lake, and that you once went out paddling on Storm Lake, on your anniversary, in the rain. I understand from this someone that this made your husband very happy.

Great blog! Tacitus Hussey would be very appreciative.