Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Speaking of Fairs

This does not look comfortable. And yet she couldn't be happier. It's good to have talent. Plus your own language. Here are some examples of Carny Speak :

A Sideshow Exhibit is known as a "ten in one", because a several acts are arranged in a row with one fee to see them all.
The "lecturer" is the guide through the "ten in one" who talks about each act and keeps the customers moving.
The "talker" brings the people in - we use the term barker.
"Tip" refers to a group of customers.
The "talker" persuades the "tip" while standing at a "bally platform" which is outside the tent that holds the actual performers. The word "bally" comes from ballyhoo, which means "to advertise or publicize by sensational methods".

I hope you were taking notes. I'm sure that, like geometry, you will find this knowledge indispensible in your daily life.

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