Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Evening at Home with the Edisons

No wondered he invented audio recording technology. These people are really in need of something to do. Were you aware that the earliest recordings were not what they played on the gramophone? Then you obviously haven't read the original Dracula novel! In it Renfield's doctor records his observations on metal cylinders, using an 'Edison Speaking Phonograph'. The cylinders wore out quickly so they fell out of use. But they didn't get past Bram Stoker. These aren't really the Edisons, by the way - I just thought the picture was amusing. The invention was real though, and you could get more details in Edison's biographies. And come on, read Dracula. I promise it's an excellent book.

The Wizard of Menlo Park : how Thomas Alva Edison invented the modern world

Edison : a life of invention

Edison : inventing the century

Photo: Denise Van Patten

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