Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting a Job Week - Resumes and Cover Letters

The company you want to apply to requires a resume and a cover letter. And you’ve never had to provide these before. Oops. Well, the sites and books below can help you write them. They’ll be irresistible! Microsoft Word also has a “resume wizard” that will help you format your resume. It’s buried in the software but we, your librarians, will help you find it. This is how you get there.

Open MS Word
Go to File then New
Click “On my computer” on the far right of the screen.
Click on the “other documents” tab
Select resume wizard and click “ok”
Follow the steps, make your selections, and fill in the blanks. Bam! You’ve got your resume.

Now for a list of books available at the library that include example resumes and cover letters:

Bonus Online Resume and Cover letter help:

Resume and Cover Letter guide from Truman State University:

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Catherine said...

Useful resources.

We also have advice on resums and CVs as well as resume templates to use.