Monday, August 11, 2008

Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

It's the best State Fair in our state! And what do we do at the fair? Eeeeaat! Once a year, we leave healthy foods behind and just bury our faces in treats. My favorites are the cut-up apples with the caramel on it and the barbequed ham sandwiches. And ice cream. And the hot little chocolate chip cookies. And anything that doesn't have a long line. Plus I love to go in and gaze at all the winning foods. They look so pretty and tasty. Should you care to re-create some of those beautiful food entries - I've heard it's called "cooking" - we have some State Fair cookbooks for you. If you're making anything chocolate, well, I'll just be jealous. Rather than cook.

Iowa State Fair Cookbooks

photo credit: Library of Congress

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