Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting a Job Week - Where are They?

Probably not at the top of this cliff. But you never know...
Whether you’re looking for your first job or a different job, the process can be overwhelming. Where do you find these so-called ‘jobs’? Well, here are some places to help you snag that new career. Don’t forget, sometimes big employers only post on their own websites or hire through agencies. So check those out as well! Stay tuned for how to research a company once you’ve found one you’re interested in. We’re sticking with you. Like industrial glue.

Des Moines Public Library job links page: http://www.desmoineslibrary.com/jobs/jobseekers.html

Iowa Workforce Development: http://www.iowajobs.org/

Job search sites: http://www.desmoineshelpwanted.com/, http://www.simplyhired.com/, http://www.indeed.com/. http://www.hotjobs.com/,
Techie jobs: www.dice.com/

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