Monday, May 2, 2011

Whose Long Walk?

You may be familiar with the book The Long Walk, about an escape from a Siberian prison camp a thousand miles from nowhere. Now there's the movie The Way Back, based on said book .  Over the years there have been questions about the account. Did it even happen?  Did it happen, but to someone other than Slavomir Rawicz?  Or was it actually Witold Gliński who made the walk? There was no proof, no documents, no corroborating witnesses (too much Law & Order) to Slawicz's tale.  Linda Willis has documents. We're talking piles and piles of them, almost hoarder-sized.  She contacted an enormous number of people to get at what truth can be found concerning this arduous escape.  Willis has read documents that prove Rawicz was not where he said he was during the pertinent time period. Aha! If you have questions about this story Willis she can't answer them all but her protracted chase after the truth is in itself quite a story.

Looking for Mr. Smith : seeking the truth behind The long walk, the greatest survival story ever told / Linda Willis
The way back [DVD]

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