Thursday, May 5, 2011

My 3 Favorite Indie Movies From 2010

Why did I wait until now to recommend these fine movies?  Because by now they don't have a waiting list.  Yeah, this is not my first time at the rodeo.
Ondine: You've got your Colin Farrell, a potential Selkie (a woman who was a seal, not Colin), a spunky yet not-too-cute little girl. Check. Lousy home life for the spunky one, some kind of mysterious danger for the Selkie, and poor old Colin is just plain tired. But it's good!  Really!  For a semi-gritty movie it has nice Irish atmosphere.
Secret of Kells:  Oh my gosh, the animation!  The plot: a threatened invasion and magical salvation at an Irish monastery in the Middle Ages. Whatever.  Go for the visuals alone. Much of the design is based on the illuminated Book of Kells, gorgeous!  You figured that out all ready?  OK, but did I mention it's not computer-animated?  Glorious 2-d, baby. Wallow in it.
Cairo Time:  A leisurely tale of two adults whose friendship blossoms towards romance in a beautiful, exotic city.  This was of course before the uprising so the movie has the luxury of showing you just the best of Cairo.  Bonus: Who knew the weedy little doctor from Deep Space 9 would grow up to be so dreamy and elegant? I swear he even got taller.


Anonymous said...

Loved all three

Nicolle said...

Loved Cairo Time! Though, I like most anything Patricia Clarkson is in. :)