Wednesday, May 11, 2011

President Roosevelt's Train

In the 1930's apparently there was quite a to-do when a president's campaign train stops, even if nothing much happens. Saturday morning October 10 1936, President Roosevelt's train made a quick stop in Des Moines. About 50 people -100 milled around but they were quiet.  Here's an interesting tidbit.  A Mrs. Helena Hawkins from Red Oak Iowa who was at that time the Iowa Young Republicans national committeewoman boarded the train.  A little late as it happened but she made it.  Oh, and a 'dummy', presumably empty, car was situated between the locomotive and the president's car.  Why?   So the president's car avoided dirt and smoke. That's the kind of train it was.

Source:  Des Moines Tribune 10/10/1936 p. 3A


Anonymous said...

Great story, love the locomotive

Anonymous said...

interesting story but thats not an American locomotive